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to my personal photography blog. I specialize in making unique and highly detailed photographs. Notice I said making and not taking. Yes I take photos but a lot of time and work is involved in pushing and punishing the pixels in my images to achieve the look I like.

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Chihuly Northwest Room

Let's keep going with the Chihuly stuff. This amazing room features Dale Chihuly's collections of indian blankets, baskets and photographs. The glass art displayed here was influenced by these collections. I really like how you get a peek into the sealife room with it's spectacular 20 foot high sealife tower. This image was taken with my 10-18mm lens and is a panorama which explains the fairly severe distortion seen in  the image. At the risk of repeating myself, I am still amazed at the quality and power of my new Sony a6000 mirrorless camera. I have no intention of abandoning my full frame sony cameras but having so much capability in a tiny camera is still mind blowing to me. I like it so much I purchased another one for Kathy and invested in 5 high quality lenses for the e-mount system. 10mm, f4.0, 3200 ISO


I've Got Me Surrounded

So this is where I spend my workdays. When working, I do best if my surroundings are creative and familiar. So here I have hung some of my photography on the walls along with some of my favorite skateboards and a few pieces of art that reflect my interest in aviation.  Although this panorama makes my office appear well lit, in reality I usually work in near darkness to eliminate glare and to minimize eye strain. I also like the uncluttered, quiet serene feel of this office. It allows me to focus, be more productive, minimize stress, and maximize energy. My job often involves responding to multiple and often changing deadlines so a Zen attitude and environment are big advantages. This 11 shot panorama was taken with my really right stuff, BH-55 ball head's precision panning base which is laser engraved at 2.5 degree intervals and allows me to perfectly align my camera's sensor to the nodal rotation point. This ensures that my panoramas are rotationally symmetric and are not affected by parallax errors.

Space Race

Space Race, originally uploaded by big_pixel_pusher.

In the 1960's and 70's the United States and the Soviet Union were trying their best to outdo one another with feats in outer space. This hall at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, features many artifacts from this time period.


Jump in, the water's wine

This photo conveys California's amazing weather better that any other image I have ever made. This was taken in early October, the sun was so warm and the cobalt sky was completely devoid of clouds.

Kathy and I were on our second Hearst Castle tour of the day and when we climbed the steps that led to the extraordinary Neptune pool, I was once again overwhelmed by the grandeur and beauty of this place. I reflected on how wonderfully situated it is on the "enchanted hillside". Architect Julia Morgan once said she drew inspiration from the pools she saw in Mediterranean villas and Roman baths while studying in Europe.

Two curved colonnades and an ancient Roman temple set the stage for the beautiful mythological statues carved by Charles Cassou.

Holding 345,000 gallons of spring water, this is one of the largest and most expensive pools built for a private residence in the world.


Wide Angle View of the City by the Bay

This was a cool guerrilla photo shoot. I was staying at the San Francisco Hyatt Regency and had found a platform on the 17th floor just adjacent to the emergency stairway. There was a concrete wall with a 9" wide gap in it that allowed me to put my camera and lens through it. This is what I saw.


B29 Enola Gay Panorama

B29 Enola Gay Panorama, originally uploaded by big_pixel_pusher.

I mounted my DSLR on my gorilla pod and put it on the ground at the Udvar Hazy Center in Washington D.C. for this 3 shot HDR panorama. Each of the 3 shots consists of 10 exposures. I used Photoshop CS4 to stitch this. Original file size before downsizing for upload was over 14,000 pixels wide.


Giants Stadium Panorama

Giants Stadium Panorama, originally uploaded by big_pixel_pusher.

"Everybody hold still and smile!"


Inside the Pyramid

Inside the Pyramid, originally uploaded by big_pixel_pusher.

This is a 12 shot HDR Pano/Vertorama of the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas. A total of 36 exposures make up this combined image. I was thinking that a security guard would tell me I couldn't use my tripod inside the hotel but they never said a word.


Fort Point Panorama [Explored]

The Golden Gate bridge arches over Fort Point before continuing on across the San Francisco bay. It was extremely windy the day I shot this. I actually got blown over twice but saved the camera! I will need to restitch this as there are some areas that didn't match up quite right.
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